Luxurious Residence in Hokkaido - Sapporo Miyanomori -

Sapporo Miyanomori

Miyanomori, which is located in Sapporo Hokkaido, is surrouded by affluent nature and a histrical atmosphere.
With the well-planned urban development since the inception of pioneering in Meiji era, Chuo-ku is renowned as the highest-level city function area in the 10 wards of Sapporo.
This area, furthermore, has peaceful aspects of thickly growing primeval forests and that wildlife inhabit, designated as natural treasures.
“Prostyle Sapporo Miyanomori”, quietly standing on the foot of the mountain, is an authentic luxurious residence.

“Prostyle Sapporo Miyanomori” is designed by Kengo Kuma, who is one of the world-renowned architects. It is distinctive to incorporate contemporary designs in wooden architecture, while making use of Japanese delicate wood-working techniques.

Surrounded by the forest and enveloped by trees, this impressive scenery is truly yours and only yours.

Have barbecues in the spring and summer and observe astronomy next to the stove in the autumn and winter. A rooftop balcony that is full of the sense of openness from an unobstructed view to enjoy nature while being in a living space.

Sapporo Luxurious Residence

The tantalising nature that will stimulate all your 5 senses The joy of being surrounded by wood

In the dining room, you will be able to enjoy the warmth of wood in every corner of your eyes,including the flooring and the building facade that can be seen outside the window.

Sapporo Luxurious Residence

Floor Plans

Unit No. N502
2Beds 2Baths / 124.26㎡

In front of the beautiful, gentle view that can be seen from each room is a spacious terrace that is also perfect for house parties. The layout that endlessly sprays sideways allows you to enjoy never-before-seen relaxation.

Sapporo Luxurious Residence

Unit No. S201
2Beds 2Baths / 129.39㎡

No matter which room you are relaxing in, there is a picturesque view. Wouldn't you like to add your own originality in the large garden called "Extraordinary" inside the terrace?

Sapporo Luxurious Residence

Unit No. N403
2Beds 2Baths / 129.39㎡

The view unfolding in front of your eyes from the room on the second floor is just like a dramatic scene from a silent film. A healing space that shuts out the day-to-day uproar and has an appealing stress-free appearance that gracefully replenishes your energy for tomorrow.

Sapporo Luxurious Residence

Unit No. N702
2Beds 2Baths / 127.80㎡

A room that we want to recommend to you, since you value time in which you are not bothered by anybody. The main terrace designed next to the Western room should be the perfect change of pace to recover from the fatigue from your work or speculation

Sapporo Luxurious Residence

Unit No. S1001
2Beds 2Baths / 135.90㎡

This 3-storey-unit allows you to be one with nature and enjoy a terrace with infinite living spaces. The open spaces will open up your heart and make your life more fulfilling.

Sapporo Luxurious Residence

Property Description

Sales Overview for the 1st period
Name Prostyle Sapporo Miyanomori
Sale time June 1, 2021
Number of units sold 5 room
property value JPY200,000,000~JPY300,000,000
Floor plan 1Bed 1Bath~3Beds 3Baths
Occupied area 126.58㎡~135.90㎡
Terrace area 21.38㎡~73.63㎡
Private garden area 35.97㎡~105.43㎡
Management fee JPY 116,200~ JPY 127,100
Repair reserve fund JPY 11,800~ JPY 12,900
Private garden usage fee JPY 5,000
Management reserve JPY 126,200~ JPY 127,100
Repair reserve fund JPY 878,100~ JPY960,400
Address 893-37, 4-13, Miyanomori, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Public Transport Subway Tozai Line Maruyama Park Station; Around 2.6km / Nishi-Nijuhatchome Station; Around 2.5km
Area/Municipality City Planning Act Article 22 Municipality, Detached Housing Conservation Zone, Type 2 Scenic Zone, Landscape Planning Zone
North-side Slant Plane Height Regulation Zone, Restricted Residential Land Development Zone
Land-use Zone Type 1 Low-rise Residential Zone
Building Coverage 39.32%≦40%
Floor-area ratio 59.70%≦60%
Site Area 4,413.25m²
Building Area 1,735.35m²
Total Floor Area 4,997.72m²
Total Living Area 2,634.33m²
Land rights Ownership
Land Category Uncultivated Field(to be changed and registered as “Residential Land” by the date of handing it over)
Floor Plan Types 1Bed 1Bath~3Beds 3Baths
Occupied Area 124.26㎡ ~ 176.65㎡
Balcony Area 3.17㎡ ~ 3.45 ㎡
Terrace Area 26.77㎡ ~ 122.75㎡
Structure & Scale Reinforced concrete, partly steel structure/3 floors above ground and 2 floors underground (11 levels)
Total number of units 20 units (including management office)
Building Certification Number Number BCJ16 Building Certificate No. 252 (as of February 1, 2017)
Scheduled Completion Date July 31, 2022 (tentative)
Scheduled Move-in Date Early August, 2022 (tentative)
Contractor Sunagogumi Co., Ltd.
Management Company TOKYU COMMUNITY CORP.
Management Type All unit owners will be a part of a management association, which entrusts the management to the management company
Ownership Rights after Sales Each owner has the unit ownership in his/her exclusive element. As for common element of the land and building, the owners share the ownership in proportion to their exclusive area.
About property overview The Japanese version of the site will be the official version of the property overview.

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