Rent an Apartment in Ikebukuro Tokyo

Oct 2, 2017

Tokyo Toshima-ku

If you can pick a place to live in Japan, which city pops into your mind? Tokyo may be the first one for most people. Tokyo has different faces depending on the area. Today's pick is Ikebukuro. The city is popular among foreigners.

If you’re living in Tokyo, public transportation can decide how easily you can get around the city. Ikebukuro is located in the north east of Tokyo. The station is served by 8 lines, including Yamanote line, which runs around the city center and Tokyo Metro, which is linked to major areas such as Ginza. Private railways are also connected to Saitama and Yokohama. Ikebukuro has easy access to many areas. Ikebukuro station is the third busiest railway station surpassed by Shinjuku and Shibuya stations. Approximately 2.62 million people come to Ikebukuro station every day, in other words, 957.6 million people use the station per year. It’s a mega train terminal. There are hundreds of foreign residents in Ikebukuro. The area has a lot of Japanese language schools and the average rent is cheaper than other major areas despite its convenient downtown location. Sunshine City, 60-story skyscraper, is a signature building of Ikebukuro. This giant complex has residential floors, hotel, exhibition, meeting rooms, museum, aquarium, shopping malls, restaurants, and indoor theme park inspired by works published in the “Jump”, Japanese popular manga magazine. There are also plenty of offices, department stores, restaurants and electronic retailers. The city is a place for both work and entertainment. Around the north side of the station, you can find dozens of Chinese restaurants, run by Chinese immigrants. You can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine there.

Shibuya looks like a busy city at a glance, but if you walk away from the city center, you can find upmarket residential areas such as Shoto and Hiroo. These locations are nice and quiet. Within walking distance, you can find Omotesando street, which is often described as Champs Elysees in Japan. Sophisticated boutiques, cafes and restaurants are lined along the street. Harajyuku is also nearby. The area is known as a mecca for its Kawaii fashion. If you prefer a more stylish place, Daikanyama is a good place to go. You can enjoy trendy clothing stores and cafes.

Tokyo Toshima-ku

Average rent in Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro is a popular area for young adults and people from overseas, and the rent is relatively reasonable compared to its neighborhood areas such as Shibuya and Shinjuku, making the district more desirable to live. The average rent looks like the below, based on the layout and space.

STUDIO ¥80,000~¥90,000
1Bed ¥110,000~¥150,000
2Beds ¥230,000
3Beds ¥300,000