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Rent an Apartment in Shibuya Tokyo

Shibuya-ku Tokyo Shibuya-ku Tokyo

Average rent in Shibuya

Shibuya has become one of the subcenters of Tokyo. Just like Shinjuku and Ikebukuro, many buildings are packed in the city, such as large shopping malls, corporate buildings and event venues, making the rent quite high. The price varies, but the average rent looks like the below, based on the layout and space.

Studio: 120000 to 140000 yen
1 bedroom: 140000 to 170000 yen
2 bedrooms: 270000 to 300000 yen
3 bedrooms: 500000 yen

Shibuya is a popular and dynamic city in a convenient place. It’s understandable why the average rent goes upscale. The price may go even higher due to the redevelopment project around Shibuya station. This project will be completed by the Olympic Games in Tokyo, 2020.

Sep 19, 2017