Rent an Apartment in Shibuya Tokyo

Sep 19, 2017

Shibuya-ku Tokyo

Which place pops into your mind if you’re moving to Japan for work or study? It might be the capital of Japan, Tokyo. The city shows different faces depending on the area. Your age and preference may make you lean toward one place than others. Shibuya is one of the most foreigner-friendly districts. Let’s find out what makes foreigners fall in love with Shibuya.

If you live in a big city like Shibuya, convenient public transportation is something you’ll definitely need. Driving a car requires an international driving license as well as monthly parking lot, which costs 50000 to 60000 yen a month. Shibuya is a very convenient place that way, served by 9 lines, including JR Yamanote, Saikyo and Fukutoshin line, connecting to Saitama and Tokyo Metro Ginza line, linking with Asakusa. Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line can take you to Oshikami direction where Skytree is. Tokyu Toyoko line and Tokyu Denentoshi line connects Shibuya to Yokohama and Kawasaki. There is also Narita express that goes to Narita airport. As you can see, Shibuya has great access to any places.

Fashion-conscious young adults come to Shibuya, creating a series of new trends and culture. The latest clothes and music attracts teenagers and tourists from overseas. The city gets flooded with people on the weekends. There are a lot of shopping malls and restaurants around the station; Shibuya Hikarie, Shibuya Mark City, Tokyu Hands, SHIBUYA109, etc. You’ll always find a place to have fun, enjoy meals, and buy what you need.

Shibuya looks like a busy city at a glance, but if you walk away from the city center, you can find upmarket residential areas such as Shoto and Hiroo. These locations are nice and quiet. Within walking distance, you can find Omotesando street, which is often described as Champs Elysees in Japan. Sophisticated boutiques, cafes and restaurants are lined along the street. Harajyuku is also nearby. The area is known as a mecca for its Kawaii fashion. If you prefer a more stylish place, Daikanyama is a good place to go. You can enjoy trendy clothing stores and cafes.

Shibuya Scramble Crossing

Average rent in Shibuya

Shibuya has become one of the subcenters of Tokyo. Just like Shinjuku and Ikebukuro, many buildings are packed in the city, such as large shopping malls, corporate buildings and event venues, making the rent quite high. The price varies, but the average rent looks like the below, based on the layout and space.

STUDIO ¥120000~¥140000
1Bed ¥140,000~¥170,000
2Beds ¥270,000~¥300,000
3Beds ¥500,000

Shibuya is a popular and dynamic city in a convenient place. It’s understandable why the average rent goes upscale. The price may go even higher due to the redevelopment project around Shibuya station. This project will be completed by the Olympic Games in Tokyo, 2020.