7,500,000 JPY

    Land in Narusawa-mura,Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi

    753 m² (8105 sqft)

    Property Type:


    Flat land lot in the Marubeni Fujizakura villa area.
    Around the villa area there are golf courses such as Fuji Lakeside Country Club (approximately 2.1 km) and Fujizakura Country Club (approximately 2.5 km), and Forest Mall Fujikawaguchiko (approximately 5.7 km).

    Property Details

    Property Code: S0007956

    Agency Property Code : 46989


    Mt.Fuji, Narusawa-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi


    Get off at Fujikyuko Line "Kawaguchiko" station, about 18 minutes by car (about 9.3 km)

    Land Size

    753.00 m² (8105 sqft)

    Land Rights



    Old House

    Connecting Roads

    East: Width about 4.0m (Private roads)

    Building Coverage Ratio


    Floor Area Ratio


    City Planning

    Non-city planning areas

    Land Category

    mountains and forests

    Land Use Zoning

    National Land Use Planning Act

    Available From


    Type of Transaction



    * This land is sold according to the public account area, and even if there is an increase or decrease in the actual area, no adjustment will be made.

    Other laws and regulations:
    Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park Ordinary Area, Mt. Fuji Landscape Formation Area, and Marubeni Fujizakura Villa Management Regulations Observance *Building height restriction: under 2 stories *Setback: 3m from road / 3m from Boundary line of adjacent land

    Common Area:
    ●Tennis courts (6 courts, pay)
    ●Street light/administration office

    *Since the existing building violates the setback rule (3.0m or more from the boundary line of the adjacent land), when building a new house, it cannot be built in the same position.

    Other Expenses

    Details of expenses

    Operating expenses (maintenance fee, etc.)
    Total Management Fee(monthly) : JPY 7,250
    Management fee : JPY 22,500(non-taxable)/annual
    Repair reserve (upfront) : JPY 200,000(non-taxable)/lump sum
    Water service installation fee : JPY 100,000(non-taxable)/lump sum
    Water basic charge : JPY 30,000(non-taxable)/annual
    Management fee(building) : JPY 34,500(non-taxable)/annual
    ※Utility charges will be billed separately.

    One-time Fees upon purchasing
    Contract Stamp Fee : JPY 5,000
    Brokerage Fee : JPY 313,500
    ※Contract Stamp Fee and Brokerage Fee are subject to change depending on the actual sales price.
    ※Property tax for the year of sale will be allocated to Seller and Buyer based on the delivery date.

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    Oct 2, 2023

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    Oct 16, 2023

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