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Where is the recommended town to live along the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line?

Recommendation 1: Just about 14 minutes by express train to Shibuya, "Mizonokuchi" popular among the younger generation.


"Mizonokuchi" is located in Takatsu Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, where three railway lines intersect: the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line, the Tokyu Oimachi Line, and the JR Nambu Line. It takes about 14 minutes to reach Shibuya Station by express train. Despite its proximity to the city center, rent prices are reasonable, making it popular among young people, especially students commuting to Tokyo-based companies and universities. Additionally, using the Oimachi Line provides easy access to Shinagawa Station and Yokohama Station, while the Nambu Line connects to Kawasaki Station, making it convenient to go anywhere for leisure.

Mizonokuchi offers not only transportation convenience but also a wide range of shopping and dining options. The area around the station boasts commercial facilities such as the Marui department store and the discount store Don Quijote, where you can easily find everyday items and fashion items. Moreover, one of its features is the abundance of grocery stores. From the 24-hour Tokyu Store to Ito-Yokado, Maruetsu, popular discount stores like OK Store and Cross Ya, and delicious ready-to-eat dishes at Life, there are so many options that you might have trouble deciding where to shop every day. Additionally, there is a plethora of dining options, including various cuisines, izakayas, cafes, and bars, making the area around the station always bustling with young people.

Furthermore, Mizonokuchi's appeal also lies in its relatively flat terrain compared to other areas in Kanagawa Prefecture. Situated in the alluvial fan of the Tama River, it has many flat areas, making it easy to get around on foot or by bicycle even without electric bicycles or motorcycles.

Recommendation 2: Rising Rent and Land Prices? "Saginuma" Undergoes Significant Transformation through Redevelopment

saginuma station

Saginuma, the next express train stop after Mizonokuchi, is located in Miyamae Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It takes approximately 20 minutes by express train to reach Shibuya Station. Additionally, transferring to the Yokohama Municipal Subway at Azamino Station, just two stops away, provides convenient access to Shin-Yokohama, Yokohama, and Minatomirai areas. However, Saginuma, sandwiched between the popular areas of "Mizonokuchi", which boasts a wealth of commercial facilities and dining options, and "Tama Plaza", a sought-after upscale residential area, has long been a relatively obscure neighborhood. Nonetheless, due to its affordable housing prices and rents, Saginuma quietly gained popularity among those who recognized its charm. This understated and relatively unknown neighborhood suddenly gained recognition as the hometown of four players (Kaoru Misoma, Aoi Tanaka, Shuichi Gonda, and Hiroki Itakura) who represented Japan in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, propelling its name into the spotlight.

Furthermore, Saginuma is poised to undergo a significant transformation as the new central hub of Miyamae Ward, Kawasaki City, through a large-scale redevelopment set to commence in 2024. The redevelopment project is divided into two areas: the Station Front District and the North District, with completion scheduled for 2028 and 2032, respectively.

saginuma Redevelopment1

Currently, public facilities such as the Miyamae Ward Office, civic hall, and library located atop the steep slope from the adjacent station, Miyamaedaira, will be relocated as part of the redevelopment. Additionally, commercial facilities will be expanded, and two tower apartments will be constructed. Especially notable is the tower apartment planned for the Station Front District, which will reach a height of 146 meters with 37 floors, rivaling the Rise Tower East in Futakotamagawa (42 floors, 150 meters tall).

saginuma Redevelopment2

Furthermore, the lower levels (basement 1 to 3) of the Station Front District will house commercial facilities featuring shops offering food, clothing, and lifestyle goods. With a total floor area of 15,300 square meters, it is expected to become a sizable commercial complex.

saginuma Redevelopment3

In addition to the redevelopment mentioned above, in fiscal year 2026, a new campus of Showa University, called the Saginuma Campus, is scheduled to open on the site of the former NSK Saginuma Athletic Field, which is located very close to the station. This campus will accommodate 2,000 students from the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, and Midwifery School. While Saginuma has been known as a quiet bedroom community, it is expected to undergo a transformation with increased human traffic and bustling commercial facilities and restaurants due to the redevelopment. With this redevelopment, it is anticipated that land prices and rental prices around Saginuma Station will rise. Furthermore, Miyamae Ward in Kawasaki City, where Saginuma is located, is predicted to experience population growth until 2035. As one of the few areas in Japan where population growth is expected in the face of declining birth rates, it might be worth considering as a potential location for purchasing a home or real estate investment.

In this guide, we introduced "Mizonokuchi" and "Saginuma" as recommended neighborhoods, considering overall factors such as living convenience, access to the city center, and rental prices. However, along the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line, there are other popular areas such as Sangenjaya, Futako-Tamagawa, Tama Plaza, and Minami Machida Granberry Park. We plan to introduce these neighborhoods soon, so please stay tuned for more information.

Feb 8, 2024