Second opinions about your investment

Jun 16, 2021

Japan Appraisal System

At your investment in the Japanese property market, you will approach some of reliable realtors, and they will offer favorable services to introduce properties. You are investing a large amount of money in the property market. Especially, when you buy foreign properties with big money, you may wonder whether this investment is the right thing to do.

Before you decide to buy the real estate, you may have a request for an opinion by specialized professionals with no special interests for the subject property. In some cases, you may need to have a confirmation that the quoted price is rational. On such occasions, please contact Japan Appraisal System Inc. to get a second opinion.


Market Situation

You will be presented asking prices, offering prices, and transaction prices of the similar properties for your information.
Under such circumstances, you may have a problem for your decision making due to the attributes of the real estate.
Transactions in the market sometimes take place when buyers or sellers clearly lack information about, and knowledge of, the real estate. In some cases, financial pressure and bankruptcy influence the transaction. Words may have special meaning due to the difference of legal system and customs.

In order to solve the specific problems in the real estate market, it is recommendable to have a second opinion by our company.
Japan Appraisal System Inc. offers services by Licensed Real Estate Appraisers registered at Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism through the Real Estate Appraisal Act, and the services are with a fair and reasonable attitude regardless of his/her own self interests or any other reasons.

Database for the ground

Among real estate appraisal business operators, our company has the close relationship with the company which supplies a database for the ground. That makes it possible to get solutions for the following topics.

  1. Is the site of the subject property at the enough solid ground?
  2. How is the risk of liquefaction, landslide disaster, flood damage?
  3. How is the topography?

Real Estate Appraisal

Legal systems

Governmental value influences and local regulations are well explained at the service by us.

Japan Appraisal System Inc. has successfully achieved appraisals and consulting services in the following fields.

Our company is entrusted by a government agency with land value appraisal for the public purpose, and engages in appraisal related to publication of value of standard site in line with Land Value Publication Act.
Our company also engages in real estate appraisal requested by Court of Justice. In addition, our regular clients include municipal governments in Tokyo, Nagoya, Shizuoka, Kagoshima and listed companies in Japan. Our company works for a lot of fields such as real estate appraisal, urban redevelopment project and other consulting business.
For 30 years since foundation, our company has been working for these clients, which evidences that our company is trusted by these clients and our company has high technologies to support such business.
Our company has enhanced information security system certified by ISO 9001 and ISO27001.

Japan Appraisal System Inc.
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