Kitayama character Kayama, Chino-shi, Nagano



80 m² 860 sqft

Property Type :


Approximately 27min-drive from JR Chūō Main Line Chino Station.
From the Chuo Expressway "Suwa" IC, about 32 minutes (about 20.7 km)


2 BR vacation house you can see the nature of the Central Alps and Tateshina from the living room. Leasehold property.
The property is well-maintained with monthly cleaning. The living room faces southwest, and the 8-tatami mat Japanese-style room has three openings: east, south, and west.

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Property Details

Floor Plan
2Beds 1Bath Living
Floor Size
79.90 m²(860 sqft)
Year Built
Jul, 1987
Land Size
1365.59 m² (14699 sqft)
Land Rights
Parking Space
Connecting Roads
Floor Area Ratio
Building Coverage Ratio
Land Category
City Planning
Available From
Land Use Zoning
National Land Use Planning Act
Type of Transaction

Features, Facilities & Equipment

  • Hot Water Supply

Other Expenses

Details of expenses

Operating expenses (maintenance fee, etc.)
Total Management Fee(monthly) : JPY 28,748
Management fee : JPY 78,100/annual
Water basic charge : JPY 39,600/annual
Sewage management fee : JPY 45,320/annual
Land lease : JPY 151,580(non-taxable)/annual
TV wave maintenance fee : JPY 30,360/annual
Deposit : JPY 507,000(non-taxable)/lump sum
Ownership transfer fee : JPY 110,000/lump sum
※Utility charges will be billed separately.

Operating expenses (tax)
Property tax (annual) : JPY 17,200 (estimate)
City Planning Tax (annual) : JPY 2,400 (estimate)
Remarks : City prefectural tax 5,500 yen/year

One-time Fees upon purchasing
Contract Stamp Fee : JPY 5,000
Brokerage Fee : JPY 297,000
Registration Tax : JPY 64,200 (estimate)
Property Acquisition Tax : JPY 49,300 (estimate) *Acquisition tax will be charged in three or four months after you purchase the property.
Remarks : ●Other stamp fees (once at the time of purchase)/¥400 *If there are two or more plots of land or detached house, ¥400 will be required for each plot. ) ● Renewal registration fee (separately required) ● Gas and electricity charges (separately required)
※Contract Stamp Fee and Brokerage Fee are subject to change depending on the actual sales price.
※Property tax for the year of sale will be allocated to Seller and Buyer based on the delivery date.
※In addition to the above fees, there will be a registration fee.


City prefectural tax 5,500 yen/year

Common Area:
●Hot spring bath
●Tateshina Tokyu Golf Course (Membership, 18 holes)
●All-weather tennis courts (15 courts, including 4 courts with night lighting)
●Tateshina Tokyu Ski Resort
●Heated pool, putter golf course (18 holes/April to November), management office, something store, two membership resort hotels, etc.(Including facilities in the villa)

Please contact your sales representative for details. *Tokyu Resort Town Tateshina is designated as a landslide warning area and a landslide special warning area.* Please contact us for details on hot springs.


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May 27, 2024

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Jun 10, 2024

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