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With the rapid change in tourism, thankfully a large number of foreign tourists visit Japan every year and what’s more promising is the number is continuing to increase.

Welcome to all customers from around the world who visit and hopefully take full advantage of Japan's unique culture and lifestyle. However, Japan is developing on a two fronts, maintaining tradition while also embracing a new modern Japan. Taking on these two fronts needs an organization who knows how to thrive in these cultures. Our company provides top professional support to meet your needs, we will be here to advise and support you in all aspects of business leaving you to take in all that is Japan.

These days, young energetic business professionals from around the world are full of energy to expand their businesses not only in Japan. The world is an open play ground which provides endless opportunities, if you know how to access them. Finding the right real estate for you or your business in a foreign country can seem daunting, we are experienced and ready to support you in both your domestic and international ventures.

It is important to think that it is mind power which overcomes various problems by joining forces with colleagues without separating the country.

TJ Connect believes in this concept and is continuing the momentum of ‘Tokyo = Japan to the world’By taking steady footsteps one step at a time, I think that I can provide support and energy to you to provide a breakthrough that is going to proactively work no matter the scale.

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