Shimizu Shigeko

From Adachi-ku, to the real estate industry 12 years ago in the divorce period. My Gojo Estate to which I belong is a well-established real estate company in Asakusa, but I am building a system for accepting overseas customers avant-garde. Supporting languages ​​including internal talent are in 5 languages ​​(Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese, Cambodian). For overseas customers, we can propose a wide range from rental to buying and selling, residential real estate to investment real estate. Inside the store, I am working with a woman staff, mainly in female staff, in an atmosphere of at-the-form that makes me feel free to come and play. In addition, we are also putting effort into commercial stores, and I am delighted to see the shops of the brokers prospering. I often show up on restaurants I broke through!

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Tokyo, Japan

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Supported Languages

English, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 한국어