34,800,000 JPY

    4Beds Apartment in Minami-ku,Saitama-shi, Saitama



    82 m² (885 sqft)

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    It is a property with a view of the sun and ventilation in a three-way room facing south (South Tohoku).

    Occupied area: 82.21 square meters of 4LDK. Wide balcony 10.48 square meters. It is a room with a feeling of openness.

    * Built in September 1986, this is a new earthquake-resistant standard condominium.

    * It is in a good location, a 6-minute walk from the station where you can relax in your daily life.
    It is also convenient for commuting access and shopping.

    JR "Minami Urawa" station can be used on two lines, the Keihin Tohoku Line and the Musashino Line.
    The Keihin Tohoku Line has many first trains at Minami-Urawa Station. You can have plenty of time to commute to work or school in the city center.

    Access to central Tokyo from Minamiurawa Station

    To get to the subcenter area such as Shinjuku Shibuya Ikebukuro from Minamiurawa Station, change at Akabane Station.

    The Keihin Tohoku Line will be operated at high speed from 10:30 to 15:30. If you use the rapid train, you can reach Tokyo Station in about 35 minutes and Shinagawa Station in about 43 minutes.

    Station name Time required Number of transfers
    Shinjuku Station Approximately 34 minutes 1 transfer
    Shibuya Station Approximately 35 minutes 1 transfer
    Approximately 29 minutes from Ikebukuro Station 1 transfer
    About 40 minutes from Tokyo Station No transfer
    Shinagawa Station Approximately 52 minutes No transfer


    * Exterior wall tiles. It is an apartment with an elegant appearance.

    * A bright living room facing south where families gather.
    We recommend the living room where you can enjoy plenty of sunlight.

    * Because it is a corner room, it has many windows and is a bright room that can take in a lot of outside light.

    * Because it faces south, it has good sunlight! Boasts a sunny balcony.
    When the weather is nice, you can wash your clothes well.

    * There is "Funayama Park" in front of the condominium.
    This room overlooks the rows of cherry blossom trees.

    Funayama Park
    The area around "Minamiurawa" station is dotted with large and small parks surrounded by greenery of trees, which reminds us of the Musashino Plateau, which was full of nature. But also. One such park, Funayama Park, is a trapezoidal park shaped like a small boat, as the name implies, in a quiet residential area near Minamiurawa Station.
    It is the largest park in the area, and is usually a good playground for children living in the area. It is also used as a venue for radio exercises during the summer vacation. There are many natural trees in the park, and they are overgrown on children's playsets such as swings and seesaws. There is a promenade between the trees, and it can be seen that the local people also value the nature that has been around since ancient times.
    In addition to playsets and promenades, there are small hills about 10m above sea level in the park, which makes the best use of the natural terrain, and there are about 5,000 triangulation points on the summit (in a place with a good view). One of the ways to enjoy this park is to walk along the promenade while looking for a reference point for surveying, which is often set up. There are also emergency facilities such as benches that can be used as temporary toilets, water tanks, and broadcasting equipment, and it also functions as a disaster park where people living in the neighborhood can evacuate in an emergency.

    [Peripheral environment]
    Saitama City Oyaba Higashi Elementary School Approximately 910m (12 minutes on foot)
    Saitama City Oyaba Junior High School Approximately 910m (12 minutes on foot)
    Comodiiida Minamiurawa East Exit Store Approximately 160m (2 minutes on foot)
    Daiei Minamiurawa East Exit Store Approximately 280m (4 minutes on foot)
    FamilyMart Minamiurawa 3-chome store approx. 230m (3 minutes walk)
    Draxgi Minamiurawa store Approximately 235m (3 minutes on foot)
    Funayama Park about 95m (about 2 minutes)

    Property Details

    Property Code: S0003271

    Agency Property Code : 20202103004


    Minamiurawa 3-28-8, Minami-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama


    JR Keihin-Tōhoku Negishi Line Minamiurawa Station. 6min walk

    Management Fee

    16,620 JPY/month

    Repairing Fund

    24,100 JPY/month

    Floor Plan

    4Beds 1Bath Living

    Floor Size

    82.21 m² (885 sqft)

    Property Floor

    Level 4 of 5-story building

    Balcony Size

    10.48 m² (113 sqft)

    Year Built

    Aug, 1986



    Land Rights


    Total Units

    28 Units



    Available From


    Parking Space

    No Vacancy

    Type of Transaction


    Property Management

    Full Consignment

    Management Method



    ■ Pets are not allowed

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    Oct 19, 2021

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    Oct 26, 2021

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