28,500,000 JPY

    STUDIO Apartment in Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama



    50 m² (537 sqft)

    Property Type:
    Gross Yield:
    Estimated Annual Rental Income:


    A good location, a 2-minute walk from the station where you can relax in your daily life!
    Convenient for commuting access and shopping.

    The 22nd floor of the 25-story building!
    Please take a look at the view from the 22nd floor.

    Comes with a delivery box that allows you to receive your luggage even when you are away.
    It is safe for double-income couples and families who often go out.

    Crime prevention is not limited to burglars and suspicious persons
    There is a merit that it is difficult for salesmen such as door-to-door sales to enter the front door.

    A system kitchen that makes cooking easy!
    It is a kitchen where you can cook more efficiently and enjoyably.

    The wash basin has a shower nozzle.
    In addition to being able to shampoo, it is also convenient for cleaning.

    Equipped with a bathroom dryer that is reassuring on rainy days.
    It is a nice facility that not only dries the laundry but also prevents mold.

    The toilet is equipped with a warm water washing toilet seat.

    The work space is large, and the kitchen with a three-burner stove will help you cook!

    "Kawaguchinishi Park" (about 60m)
    It seems that the fun will increase, such as going for a walk while feeling the four seasons.

    Comodiiida Kawaguchi Repre store (about 80m) is a convenient 1-minute walk away.

    Property Details

    Property Code: S0000432

    Agency Property Code : 20201912006


    Kawaguchi 3-2-1, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama


    JR Keihin-Tōhoku Negishi Line Kawaguchi Station. 2min walk

    Management Fee

    8,000 JPY/month

    Repairing Fund

    7,850 JPY/month

    Floor Plan

    STUDIO 1Bath

    Floor Size

    49.92 m² (537 sqft)

    Property Floor

    Balcony Size

    6.00 m² (65 sqft)

    Year Built

    Oct, 1992



    Land Rights


    Total Units

    430 Units



    Available From


    Parking Space

    ~21000〜 JPY/month

    Type of Transaction


    Property Management

    Full Consignment

    Management Method

    Daily service


    ■ Union dues (370 yen per month)
    ■ Bicycle parking lot available (500-1,000 yen per month, as of R1.12)

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    Date Updated

    Jan 19, 2021

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    Jan 26, 2021

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