178,000,000 JPY

    2Beds House in Minami-ku,Saitama-shi, Saitama



    190 m² (2048 sqft)

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    "Genuine" and "high quality" living space. A designer property that focuses on all aspects of clothing, food, and housing.

    The clean white stone outer wall, the softness of the curves and the dynamic design create a sense of luxury.

    2LDK + 2S + 2W + 1G + 2P

    The foundation work has been carried out firmly to improve the earthquake resistance.
    The surrounding area including this property is located on a plateau called the Omiya Plateau (also called the Kita Adachi Plateau), and the ground is solid.

    Since the property is constructed using the reinforced concrete (RC) structure "wall construction method", there are no pillars or beams, so the interior of the room can be seen clearly and feels spacious. In addition, it is a construction method with excellent earthquake resistance as well as foundation work.

    With the external insulation method, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the building is reduced, and condensation is less likely to occur even in winter. Another benefit is that the house will last longer. In addition, by keeping the indoor temperature of the building constant, energy saving effects can be expected.

    A room that has been carefully selected
    Designed in two patios (a proud floor plan that considers a feeling of openness and a comfortable air flow)
    Adopted "triple glass" sash in all rooms (insulation effect is 16 times hotter / cold / condensation / energy saving / crime prevention / soundproofing / soundproofing than single glass)
    Whole building air conditioning system (DAIKIN / DESICA HOME AIR adopted / Excellent product that prepares fresh air taken in from the outdoors to a comfortable humidity and sends it indoors)
    Solar power storage battery EcoCute hot water supply installation (clean energy makes good use of late-night electricity / contributes to reduction of CO2 emissions)
    Approximately 33 tatami mats with white clean tiles laid out LDK + DEN (Panasonic / heat pump type hot water floor heater adopted)
    Safe and secure design that uses the SECOM Home Security system (installed by purchasing equipment, so it can be used only with a monthly fee)
    Designed to secure storage
    SIC at the entrance
    There are 2 large WICs with 4 tatami mats
    We also have other storage rooms.
    Set up an underground parking lot
    (You can park without getting wet even on rainy days. You don't even need an umbrella in your room)
    (W: 4.5m, H: 1.8m, Ⅼ: 5.9m)
    There is also a guest parking space outside.
    Wiring is neat with multimedia outlets installed in each room
    A small room (about 6 tatami mats) is installed in the attic and can be used as a storage space.

    Introducing the designer properties built in 2015 located in "Saitama City", which is always ranked high in the "City Ranking for Living" announced by each company.
    The softness of the curves and the dynamic appearance of the property are impressive.

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    "Field tour" where you can see the properties that are actually on sale
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    Especially when you can see the actual property, it is difficult to confirm it only with drawings and photos.
    [Area] [Brightness] [Smell] and [Texture] [Tint] [Environment]
    You can see, touch, and check things like this, so you can use it as a reference for finding a house or for making decisions when choosing a property. Because it's a great opportunity

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    When visiting, please wear shoes that are easy to put on and take off, and clothes that are easy to move around.
    There is nothing special to prepare for the tour.

    However, if you want to take a thorough tour, measure the size of furniture and home appliances in advance.
    If you leave it, you can check on-site whether you can put your furniture, and it will be a more meaningful tour.

    [Completed] That's why there are many points to check.
    Whatever you noticed when you imagine the actual life scene

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    Property Details

    Property Code: S0002649

    Agency Property Code : 20202102005


    Minamihonmachi 2-chome, Minami-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama


    JR Keihin-Tōhoku Negishi Line Minamiurawa Station. 6min walk
    JR Musashino Line Minamiurawa Station. 6min walk

    Floor Plan

    2Beds 1Bath Living

    Floor Size

    190.31 m² (2048 sqft)


    Year Built

    Nov, 2015

    Land Size

    225.86 m² (2431 sqft)

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    Parking Space


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    City Planning

    Urbanization promotion areas

    Land Category

    residential areas

    Land Use Zoning

    Category 1 residential districts

    National Land Use Planning Act

    Type of Transaction



    ■ Landscape Act "Landscape Guidance Area (Urbanization Area)"
    ■ Buried Cultural Property Storage Area (Ichitsugi Ruins)

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    Oct 26, 2021

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    Nov 2, 2021

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