44,900,000 JPY

    3Beds Apartment in Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama



    76 m² (819 sqft)

    Property Type:
    Gross Yield:
    Estimated Annual Rental Income:


     Enhanced room equipment 
    [Glass top stove] It is resistant to heat and shock, and dirt is easy to remove, so it is easy to clean.

    [Disposer] Finely pulverize garbage from the kitchen and prevent odorous stains.

    [Water purifier integrated faucet] Uses a hand shower faucet that is convenient for cleaning the sink.

    [Mahobin Bathtub] The bathtub is covered with heat insulating material to enhance heat retention.

    [Low-floor bathtub] Adopted a bathtub with a height of 43 cm that is easy to use for the elderly and small children.

    [Bathroom Ventilation, Heating and Drying Machine] This is a great feature for washing laundry and preventing mold on rainy days.

    [Three-sided mirror with storage] A large, easy-to-see three-sided mirror and a storage space with a magnetic latch that can store small items are installed.

    [Linen storage] A linen storage convenient for storing daily necessities such as towels has been installed in the washroom.

    [Interphone with monitor] You can see the face of the visitor, so there is a sense of security.

    [Human sensor lighting] It is very convenient because it automatically turns on and off when you return home with a lot of luggage.

    [Multimedia Outlet] By integrating the outlet, telephone terminal, and TV terminal, the space has been kept clean.

    [Gas hot water floor heating] Since the floor is heated with hot water, there is no need to worry about wind and dust.

    [High-speed Internet (J:COM)] Realize a comfortable Internet environment and enjoy services such as CATV.
    (Monthly internet usage fee of 1,100 yen is included in the administrative fee.)

    [24-hour low airflow ventilation system] This is a great feature that allows ventilation even with the windows closed.

    [Slop sink] The balcony has a slop sink that is convenient for gardening and cleaning.

    About the condominium
    [Enhanced crime prevention] We have adopted equipment that leads to enhanced crime prevention, such as an auto-lock with a monitor, a reversible dimple key, and a double-lock entrance door.

    [Delivery box] We have installed a delivery box where you can receive packages even when you are not at home.

    [24-hour garbage disposal] You can take out the garbage without worrying about the time, day of the week, weather, etc.

    [Disaster prevention warehouse] Equipped with a disaster prevention warehouse that stores equipment useful in emergencies, such as rescue tool bag sets and cassette gas generators.

    [Double-layered glass] The sash uses double-layered glass that suppresses condensation and enhances heat insulation, increasing the energy efficiency of air conditioning and heating.

    [24-hour security system] The security system responds 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through remote machine monitoring in the event of an abnormality in the condominium.

    [Housing performance evaluation] This condominium has received a "housing performance evaluation" according to the "Housing Quality Assurance Promotion Act".

    About the surrounding environment
    About 230m to Seven-Eleven Higashikawaguchi store (3 minutes on foot)
    About 250m to Lawson Three F Higashi Kawaguchi 2-chome store (4 minutes on foot)
    About 450m to Seiyu Higashikawaguchi store (6 minutes on foot)
    About 290m to Joy Foods Kawaguchi Totsuka (4 minutes on foot)
    About 450m to Yamada Denki Tech Land Higashikawaguchi (6 minutes on foot)
    About 460m to Cocokara Fine Higashikawaguchi store (6 minutes on foot)
    About 360m to Higashikawaguchi Hospital (5 minutes on foot)
    About 420m to Saitama Resona Bank Higashikawaguchi Branch (6 minutes on foot)
    About 520m to Kawaguchi Totsuka Post Office (7 minutes on foot)
    About 850m to Kawaguchi Municipal Totsuka Elementary School (11 minutes on foot)
    About 550m to Totsuka Enokido Park (7 minutes on foot)
    There are parks, elementary schools, and shopping facilities nearby, making it a very comfortable place to live. It's a little far from "Keyaki-dori", so you can live quietly without worrying about noise. Especially recommended for families with small children.
    The open LDK is a place for family gatherings, and the WIC and other storage spaces keep the entire room neat and tidy.

    Property Details

    Property Code: S0006075

    Agency Property Code : 20202212003


    2-25-31 Totsuka, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama


    JR Musashino Line Higashi-Kawaguchi Station. 4min walk
    Saitama Rapid Railway Line Higashi-Kawaguchi Station. 4min walk

    Management Fee

    13,520 JPY/month

    Repairing Fund

    6,850 JPY/month

    Floor Plan

    3Beds 1Bath Living

    Floor Size

    76.05 m² (819 sqft)

    Property Floor

    Level 8 of 11-story building

    Balcony Size

    15.20 m² (164 sqft)

    Year Built

    Aug, 2017



    Land Rights


    Total Units

    99 Units



    Available From


    Parking Space

    No Vacancy

    Type of Transaction


    Property Management

    Full Consignment

    Management Method

    Daily service


    * Land rights [fixed-term surface rights]
     Rent: 9,929 yen/month
    Lease period: Until September 30, 2077
    ■ Total number of units: 99 units (98 dwelling units, 1 other management room)
    ■ Town membership fee: 300 yen per month
    ■ Water heater lease fee: 1,944 yen per month
    ■ Life support service fee: 330 yen per month
    ■ Pets allowed (with detailed rules)
    ■ Bicycle parking available (as of December 2022)
    Flat lay 3,600 yen/year
    Rack type upper level 1,200 yen/year
    Rack type lower level 2,400 yen/year

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    Feb 7, 2023

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    Feb 14, 2023

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