35,800,000 JPY

    4Beds Apartment in Minami-ku,Saitama-shi, Saitama



    77 m² (830 sqft)

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    Gross Yield:
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    About the room

    There are many things that can only be felt by going to the site. We sincerely look forward to your application for viewing.
    There is no feeling of oppression in the room with a ceiling height of 2550 mm, and you can spend comfortably in a spacious space.
    The Japanese-style room next to the living room can be used both as a study and as a guest room. When combined with the LDK, the space will be about 20 tatami mats, so you can feel the entire room spacious.
    The kitchen is a system kitchen. With high storage capacity, you can use a wide range of work spaces such as sinks.
    Also, because it is a counter type, you can do household chores while looking out over the living room, so it is safe for families with small children.
    The large bathroom with a three-sided mirror has a lot of storage space, so it is easy to use.
    The unit bath with a bathroom ventilation dryer adopts 1418 size. You can relax and heal the tiredness of the day in the spacious bathtub.
    Although it is on the 4th floor, there are no tall buildings around it, so there is a feeling of openness and the view is good. Each room on the entrance side has a window and is well ventilated, so you can spend a cool summer.
    The room faces southwest, so it is sunny and warm sunlight spreads throughout the room.

    About the apartment

    It is a "pet-friendly" condominium where you can live with your precious pet. (With detailed breeding rules: In the case of dogs and cats, the height when growing is within 40 cm and within 2 per dwelling unit)
    A large-scale condominium with a total of 94 units. The details of the condominium, including the common areas, have been thoroughly cleaned, and the management system is good.
    The out-frame construction method is used, and the pillars and beams in the room are exposed to the outside of the room to eliminate dead space and give the entire room a spacious and refreshing impression.
    With a delivery box that allows you to receive your luggage even when you are away, it is safe for those who receive a lot of luggage or who work until late at night.
    The entrance that you use every day is a safe auto-lock, which has the advantage of making it difficult for salespeople such as door-to-door sales to enter the front door as well as burglars and suspicious persons.

    About living environment

    Since there are multiple supermarkets in the neighborhood, you can enjoy shopping by using them properly or finding your favorite.
    You can reach Saitama Municipal Numakage Elementary School in 12 minutes on foot. The road is flat and quiet, and the residential area is the school route, so it's nice that even children in the lower grades of elementary school can go to and leave school with peace of mind.
    A 5-minute walk from the condominium You can reach "Musashi Urawa Station" in about 6 minutes by using the "Kokusai Kogyo Bus Uchiya Stop".

    8 minutes walk from Super Bel'x Urawa Minami store (approx. 580m)
    7-Eleven Urawa Uchiya 4-chome store 5 minutes walk (about 360m)
    8 minutes walk from the drug store Sekikyoku Main Store (approx. 570m)
    Shimachu Homes Urawa Minami Store 8 minutes walk (about 600m)
    Sames Urawa Uchiya store 8 minutes walk (about 630m)
    8 minutes walk from Magamoto nursery school (about 640m)
    12 minutes walk from Saitama Municipal Numakage Elementary School (about 930m)
    7 minutes walk from Saitama Municipal Uchiya Junior High School (about 520m)
    Urawa South Exit Park 4 minutes walk (about 280m)
    The room is well-lit and warm, with good ventilation, so you can spend your time comfortably "cool in the summer and warm in the winter". There are shops such as Super Bel'x, Shimachu Homes, and Rogers in the vicinity, so you don't have to worry about food and daily necessities, and since there is little traffic around you, you don't have to worry about noise and odors.
    Since each room has a large closet closet, it is very nice to be able to hide not only clothing but also seasonal items and stock items that are not used, so that the entire room can be refreshed.

    Property Details

    Property Code: S0004670

    Agency Property Code : 20202205008


    Uchiya 5-chome 4-14, Minami-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama


    JR Musashino Line Musashi--Urawa Station. 21min walk
    JR Saikyō Line Musashi--Urawa Station. 21min walk
    9 minutes by bus from "Musashi Urawa" station on the Saikyo line, 5 minutes on foot from "Uchiya"

    Management Fee

    11,800 JPY/month

    Repairing Fund

    14,660 JPY/month

    Floor Plan

    4Beds 1Bath Living

    Floor Size

    77.07 m² (830 sqft)

    Property Floor

    Level 4 of 10-story building

    Balcony Size

    12.80 m² (138 sqft)

    Year Built

    Feb, 2008



    Land Rights


    Total Units

    95 Units



    Available From


    Parking Space

    3,400〜9,800 JPY/month

    Type of Transaction


    Property Management

    Full Consignment

    Management Method

    Daily service


    ■ Internet usage fee: 1320 yen per month (KDDI, J-COM)
    ■ Self-government membership fee: 300 yen per month
    ■ Bicycle storage: Free of charge per month (vacant as of May 4th year of Reiwa)
    ■ Motorcycle storage: 500 yen per month (vacant as of May 4th year of Reiwa)

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    Jun 28, 2022

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    Jul 5, 2022

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