10,200,000 JPY

    2Beds Apartment in Chino-shi, Nagano



    96 m² (1033 sqft)

    Property Type:
    Gross Yield:
    Estimated Annual Rental Income:


    The flooring-finished living-dining room with fireplace has a profound feeling, and you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Southern and Central Alps.
    Enjoy views of both the Southern and Central Alps from the balcony, living room and bathroom. The facilities such as sauna, fireplace, and floor heating are also attractive. In summer, you can comfortably enjoy the cool environment at an altitude of 1600m.

    Property Details

    Property Code: S0002809

    Agency Property Code : 35427


    Kitayama, Chino-shi, Nagano


    Approximately 33min-drive from JR Chūō Main Line Chino Station.
    About 38 minutes (about 23.2km) from the Chuo Expressway "Suwa" I.C.

    Management Fee

    37,950 JPY/month

    Repairing Fund

    132,000 JPY/month

    Floor Plan

    2Beds 1Bath Living

    Floor Size

    96.00 m² (1033 sqft)

    Property Floor

    Level 1 of 2-story building

    Balcony Size

    8.80 m² (95 sqft)

    Year Built

    Sep, 1991



    Land Rights


    Total Units



    Available From


    Parking Space

    0〜 JPY/month

    Type of Transaction


    Property Management

    Full Consignment

    Management Method



    Meter box area: 0.27sqm

    Common Area:
    ●Kayama no Yu (Onsen large communal bath / open-air bath)
    ●Indoor heated pool
    ●Tateshina Tokyu Golf Course (Membership, 18 holes)
    ●Tennis court (8 sides)
    ●Tateshina Tokyu Ski Resort
    ●・ Tateshina Tokyu Hotel ・ Membership Resort Hotel (3 buildings) ・ Tokyu Vacations Tateshina ・ Tateshina Town Pension ・ Town Center (Management Office) ・ Something (Store) ・ Tateshina Mizunara Hall ・ Trekking Course [Seasonal Opening]・ Putter golf ・ BBQ garden ・ Athletic ・ Kids park ・ Table tennis ・ Fishing (mountain stream ・ Fishing moat) ・ Dog run(Including facilities in the villa)

    Large-scale repair completed in July 2021. The next large-scale repair in 2033, the temporary contribution of the dwelling unit is scheduled to be about 5.09 million yen. (Described in the long-term repair plan prepared in November 2015 * Revised May 2020 * The estimated accumulated repair work cost is calculated proportionally by the ratio of the occupied area.) However, the balance of the repair reserve fund is taken into consideration. However, the amount may increase or decrease due to changes in construction details, price fluctuations, or revision of the repair reserve fund. Please contact your sales representative for details. * Tokyu Resort Town Tateshina is designated as a sediment disaster caution area and a sediment disaster special caution area.* Please contact us for details on hot springs.

    Other Expenses

    Details of expenses

    Operating expenses (maintenance fee, etc.)
    Total Management Fee(monthly) : JPY 45,192
    Management fee : JPY 37,950/annual
    Villa management fee : JPY 124,600(non-taxable)/annual
    Repair reserve : JPY 132,000(non-taxable)/annual
    Land lease : JPY 145,872(non-taxable)/annual
    Water basic charge : JPY 33,660/annual
    Sewage basic fee : JPY 37,840/annual
    CATV basic fee : JPY 30,360/annual
    Deposit : JPY 470,500(non-taxable)/lump sum
    Ownership transfer fee : JPY 55,000/lump sum
    ※Utility charges will be billed separately.

    Operating expenses (tax)
    Property tax (annual) : -
    Remarks : City prefectural tax 5,500 yen / year * For villa use / individual name

    One-time Fees upon purchasing
    Contract Stamp Fee : JPY 10,000
    Brokerage Fee : JPY 402,600
    Remarks : ● Other stamp fee (once at the time of purchase) / 400 yen * If there are two or more lots of land and a detached house, 400 yen is required for each lot. ) ● Gas and electricity charges (separately required) ● CATV temporary suspension of use (resumption fee required separately)
    ※Contract Stamp Fee and Brokerage Fee are subject to change depending on the actual sales price.
    ※Property tax for the year of sale will be allocated to Seller and Buyer based on the delivery date.

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    Oct 7, 2021

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    Oct 21, 2021

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